Why Selling Your eBook Through Amazon Means Profit


The market for sale eBooks is going through a time period of great change. New channels are opening and closing fast. But the traditional channels are the best. Unfortunately, they were the hardest to crack.

At least they used to be!

The traditional channel I’m referring to, naturally, could be the Ecom Income blueprint bookseller. I’m not talking to only Amazon here. Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo and also most of others also have woken up to the old era. Traditionally they have become the foundation of most publication sales for your consumer. And they are bringing that exact same knowledge of selling books to the user into the eBook market.

The crucial thing in that paragraph would be they have been the traditional seller of books to this consumer. Bluntly they truly are where consumers go to get books. And since the old marketer says, “Obtaining your client to arrive at you personally is a fool’s game. Determine where your customer is and move there!” And the digital world is just the same.

Therefore, in the event you want to sell books – digital or otherwise – at just about any volume beyond the dribs and drabs you will need to be at a bookstore. And digital bookstores are making it easy. Specially since they have realized the price of stocking eBooks is practically zero!

But what exactly does this mean to you?

First it off indicates an unprecedented increase in your prestige. The consumer has been trained to feel that a book in an actual, live publication — and Amazon counts is just a book by an expert. That the writer of a publication couldn’t enter in the bookstore without being an expert. And that view is going to be transported to digital books. So your eBook will help establish you as a specialist.

This is made more possible by the simple fact it is possible to – with work – be a best-selling author on Amazon as well as other online booksellers. And every one understands a best-selling author is more knowledgeable than the usual mere author! (In addition they have to charge more for their services).

But there’s more to this situation than simply history.

We are on a cusp. A point in time where consumer behavior varies. The place where a brand new product reaches a spot of massive increase. Where all of the pieces and pieces come together to create an explosive change.

And even if you are on this curve until it runs, you’ll turn out towards the top. If you’re behind the curve you should have to fight all those others have been late at recognizing that the shift.

I’m talking about the shift from published book to digital book. The eBook reverse.

It’s most likely that the recent booksellers is going to be the booksellers of this future. Afterall, they have the expertise, the dimensions and the traffic. By releasing an eBook today – before all of the novels are digital – you can become recognized as an important author.

And since the sales of eBooks aren’t that high yet… it really isn’t that hard to establish your self in their own eyes.

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