Mental and Physical Hazards of Marijuana Addiction


Marijuana (also known as Cannabis) has remained a topic of controversy from long time. On one side there are people who support its legalization and on the other hand there are critics who don’t want its legalization at any cost. As this debate is gaining heat, marijuana is becoming more popular than ever and more teens are becoming addicted to it. In fact, now teens like to smoke marijuana instead of cigarettes. Those who are in the favor of marijuana legalization completely ignore its negative effects on the body. Instead, they start a long debate on its few benefits.

Mental Hazards

There are several physical and mental hazards associated with marijuana. While smoking it occasionally isn’t very harmful, it becomes hazardous when people become addicted to it. According to National Institute on Drug Abuse, marijuana addiction over activates the endocannabinoid system of brain cbd vape cartridge, which often leads to lack of coordination and distorted thinking. These problems increase significantly as people become more dependent on the drug.

Physical Hazards

In addition to mental hazards several physical hazards are also associated with marijuana addiction. These include:

Dry mouth
Mental impairments
Mental impairments
Weakness of immunity system

Marijuana is considered safe if taken in prescribed form. But it rarely happens in the world and most people take it without prescription. Effects of non-prescribed marijuana vary significantly depending on the type of supplier and smoking manner. They also vary depending on the person who is taking dose of marijuana. For example, pregnant or breast-feeding women are advised to stay away even from the prescribed form of marijuana because it decelerates the growth of fetus when passing through placenta. Sometimes it even leads to childhood leukemia if taken during the period of pregnancy.

People suffering from seizures or blood pressure related problems are also advised to stay away from marijuana because it increases the severity of these problems. There are several reasons to quit marijuana and that’s why so many people enroll in cannabis rehabilitation programs.

If you’re suffering from the addiction of this drug then I would like to tell you that there are good chances of recovering from it. There are several cannabis rehabilitation centers out in the world, which can help you in getting rid of this addiction. Plus, there are also several communities on the web where cannabis addicted people gather for discussing their experiences. You can certainly benefit from a few of those experiences.