The Way You Store Your Firewood Can Greatly Affect Its Quality

The way you store your firewood can have a great affect on your wood burning experience. Knowing how to store your firewood properly can help insure that it will be clean and dry and prevent it from decaying and being consumed by wood eating organisms.
With traditional forms of heat like electric and gas, all you have to do is flip the switch and pay the bill. But when heating with firewood, it is not that simple. Heating with firewood takes some work and some planning ahead. Storing firewood can be simple and there is no one right way, but there are a few things to consider that will help preserve the quality of your wood.
Air circulation is very important for firewood to help it dry and to keep it from growing mold and other fungi. Stacking firewood puts the pieces in a position where they will get better air flow. If the wood is outside, stacking can also expose more wood to sunlight, which will help it dry. Stacking also gets the wood off the ground. Contact with the soil will cause the wood to absorb moisture and encourage fungi and rot Brennholz Schweiz.
Storing it inside a shelter, like a shed, is one of the best ways to keep firewood dry. If the wood is green or wet you may want to store it outside in the sun to let it dry first. It will still dry in a shed as long as it gets air circulation, but not as fast as it would outside in the sun.
If you don’t have a roof to store it under, you can keep it outside and cover it with something like a tarp. Just make sure you cover it in a way where it will still get air circulation. Many people make a big mistake of covering too much of the pile and greatly reducing air circulation. In trying to keep the wood dry they end up uncovering it later to find a wet moldy mess. So cover the top of the stack but keep the sides open.
Storing firewood is simple, just keep in mind the wood should get plenty of air circulation and be kept away from direct soil contact.

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