Used Car Inspection; Checking For Flood Damage

You should check for Car Flood Damage on any used car for the next 40 years. Hurricanes and Tropical storms flood thousands of cars every year. Entire used car lots were underwater in New Orleans.
What happens to these cars? They end up in other states, with new titles hiding the true state of the vehicle. This is a big problem for used car buyers today.
Many cars are totaled and have their titles marked as flooded. Many are sold out of state and their titles are magically restored. Here’s how you can tell if the car you are looking at has suffered from flood damage.
Car flood damage shows itself as water lines on the inside of the car, engine, wheel wells or radiator. Examine the underside of the car on a lift Rego Check QLD.
New carpeting or upholstery is a clue. There is always a reason to re-carpet a car. Lift the carpet and look underneath. If you find a mess this is an indicator of water damage. Cleanup is not always good on these cars.
Look for mold, and a damp musty smell on the floors and in the trunk. Check the spare tire and tire iron in the truck, look for rust on unfinished metal. Unfinished metal in the trunk is a prime target for rust in a flooded car. Check for rust on door hinges.
Look at the under side of the seat with a mirror. This is a particularly hard area to clean. If the metal was in contact with water, the metal rusts quickly.
Look at the engine air filter. If the car was in deep water, the air intake may have water and debris in the opening.
Run the car history report on the car. A car history report will show the title as being branded as flooded and again as cleared when issued in another state.

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